Inspired by the title of the poem 24 Arguments (1984) by artist Paul Neagu, the exhibition invites a multi-layered reading of the experiences, tempos and fine weavings intertwined between the institutional and the individual narratives, between the local conditions and the global dialogues, starting from a series of works conceived in this time.

Two big rooms, connected by a corridor, become a singular exhibition space structured with minimal internal partitions and plinths. The movement of the visitors is precisely and seemingly guided through the spaces with clear architectural gestures, controled perspectives and neutral colours that creates connections and layers of meaning. The clean and sharp graphics add visual information throughout the exhibition adding another layer to the works and their history.

24 Arguments includes a performing event based on a reconstruction of the work Genesis by choreographer Miriam Răducanu, performed by artist Mădălina Dan. The piece was part of the programme presented in the frame of Romanian Art Today, featured as part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 1971.

Location: National Museum of Art, Bucharest, RO
Client: Intitute of the Present
Status: finished
Area: 600qm

Team: Kalliopi Dimou, Sorin Istudor

Curators: Alina Șerban, Ștefania Ferchedau

photos: Serioja Bocsok