One Monument Later


In 1982, Constantin Brâncuși was present at the Venice Biennale in a section of the International Pavilion. Central to the installation was a three-dimensional monumental photographic re-enactment of the world famous sculptural ensemble at Târgu Jiu, created by Dan Er. Grigorescu, an artist with a strong vision about how to capture the deceptively simple forms of Brâncuși’s works.

Dan Er. Grigorescu is the son of general Eremia Grigorescu, who defeated general von Mackensen in a memorable  and crucial battle during WWI. The monumental ensemble at Târgu Jiu, erected in 1936, was conceived as a memorial to the battles between the Romanian and German troops that took place around the city and on the Jiu river in 1916-1917. This exhibition presents a reproduction of the 1982 Venice show, together with other images and documents meant to illustrate this historical chain of events connecting politics, war and culture, from 1916 until today. The exhibition is a celebration of both the monument and of the photographer.

text from the exhibition by Calin Dan

Location: MNAC, Bucharest, RO
Client: National Museum of Conteporary Art
Status: finished
Area: 500sqm

Team: Kalliopi Dimou, Sorin Istudor

Curator: Călin Dan

Photo: Dani Ghercă