the Ephemerist


Creating an exhibition project is an endeavour of complex stage-setting of spaces by juxtaposing objects and details, lights and reflections, materials and colours, in order to create new realities. This stage-setting of space is a contemporary approach to the subject, attempting to achieve a curatorial discourse, a narrative to guide the public, showcasing complex subjects in an accessible, educational and pleasant manner. The projects addressed by our studio have tried to focus on the curatorial discourse, using scenography to the extent that it can support the exhibition's general concept.

‘The ephemerist: A Mihai Olos retrospective’ exhibition was installed at the first floor of the museum in the first attempt for a comprehensive look into the work of Mihai Olos from the years 1970-2000, an impressive body of work, exploring various techniques, and several stylistic trends - late modernism, conceptualism, minimalism. The spatial setup and display is trying to accomodate this diversity of scale and technics and expands the knowledge about the life and oeuvre of Olos through photographs, documents, objects and a large selection of drawings.

Location: MNAC, Bucharest, RO
Client: National Museum of Contemporary Art
Status: finished
Area: 1500sqm

Team: Kalliopi Dimou, Sorin Istudor

Curator: Călin Dan

Photo: Nicu Ilfoveanu